Earn your third star

Level Three/Phase Three

  • Guiding helpers and leaders, overlooking and advising
  • A Black Belt must be attained at this level to proceed to graduation
  • Opening the dojo to teach your own private lessons
  • Obvious progress in leadership, responsibilities and maturity
  • Instruct your own classes/programs
  • Write the plan to your own classes
  • Charge of helpers and leaders in your classes
  • A min of 1000 classes taught
  • A min of 10 years experience (stages one through three)
  • A min age of 18 required at this stage to start teaching independently 
  • Teaching in rec centers, schools, churches etc, options at this stage
  • Venture out to other dojos for seminars and classes
You monitor your own progress as does the head Instructor in charge of your schedule. There is an attendance program set up at the school where you will sign in each class to follow your duties.